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Protecting the Rights of Injured Workers

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Welcome to Our Denver, Colorado, Workers’ Compensation Law Blog

After a work-related injury, you want an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your rights, working closely with you to help you pursue all the benefits to which you are entitled. The workers’ compensation process can be complicated and intimidating. Without an experienced attorney, you can risk the loss of some of your rights at the hands of experienced insurance adjustors.

At the Eley Law Firm, in Denver, we have fought for the rights of injured workers for more than 25 years. We focus our practice exclusively on the needs of employees, never representing the interests of insurers or employers. We will guide you through the process, assisting you with the preparation and filing of all documentation necessary to get the benefits you need and deserve, and representing you in all hearings, including the appeal of any claims denials.

Our Workers’ Compensation Law Blog

We created this blog to provide useful information to people throughout the Denver area who have questions or concerns about a workplace injury. We will post articles to this blog on a regular basis, addressing such topics as:

  • Your basic rights in a workers’ compensation claim.
  • The short-term and long-term disability benefits available through the Colorado workers’ compensation system.
  • The types of benefits available for injured workers in Colorado.
  • The kinds of injuries for which benefits are available, from carpal tunnel to brain injury, from back and neck injuries to crush injuries.

We encourage you to use this blog as an interactive tool, posting any questions or concerns you may have about any subject discussed here.

To learn more about our practice, see our workers’ compensation page.

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For a free case evaluation, contact our office online or call us at 720-759-3064 . We handle all workers’ comp claims on a contingency fee basis, only charging attorney fees if we are able to recover compensation for your injuries.