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October 2010 Archives

Fatal Accident Leaves Colorado Man Crushed to Death

The company Vestas had previously been in the news for possible illnesses due to chemical exposure in its factory plant in Windsor, Colorado. Now Vestas is in the news again, this time after a fatal work-related accident occurred in their factory in Pueblo, Colorado earlier this week.

Number of Work-Related Injuries Decreasing Nationwide

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of workplace injuries in America is on the decline. While this good news does not include on-the-job fatalities or government employers, it is still an encouraging statistic.

Employee Death at Colorado Facility Results in Fines

Companies that deal with dangerous chemicals or products are regulated in such a way that there must be safety trainings and procedures in place for employees who come into contact with those materials. Failure to comply with government regulations can result not only in fines and citations but also work injuries or even employee deaths.

Colorado Workers Injured on the Job With Dermatitis

When you hear the phrase "injured on the job", what images do you conjure up? For some, they imagine extensive physical injuries as a result of being crushed by equipment or long-term injuries from lifting heavy objects. While these are serious workplace injuries, there are other types of injuries that people experience.

Pinnacol Struggles to Keep 'Embarrassing' Records Secret

Colorado's largest workers' compensation insurer struggles to regain credibility in the face of an array of scandals. Pinnacol recently filed an appeal of a court order to turn over receipts and other records from a trip to lavish Pebble Beach resort for a group of employees.

Pinnacol Assurance to Credit Colorado Policyholders, Pay Fine

A state-ordered audit this spring found that Colorado workers' compensation insurance firm Pinnacol Assurance failed to properly file details of its rating system. The insurer had been using two unspecified factors in the way it set its rates. It had been doing so since 2002.

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