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Worker Crushed, Two Injured, One Killed in Construction Accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2011 | Crush Injuries |

Many people do not think about whether the building they are in is safe. It is just assumed that a building that is standing will not collapse from underneath people’s feet. But at one point, the building was being constructed and built by construction workers.

Construction workers often face the risk of being seriously injured on a daily basis. There is a lot of large equipment and scaffolding as well as moving materials. When an accident occurs at a construction site, the results can be devastating. Recently, a construction worker suffered a cardiac arrest likely brought on by a heart attack at his workplace.

The man, along with several other construction workers, had been working on and around a cinder-block wall when it suddenly collapsed. The man had been working on the ground and was crushed along with another man when everything fell on top of them. The other workers who were on top of the wall survived after riding the collapsing wall down to the ground.

The man who died at the construction site went into cardiac arrest after the wall collapsed. The man was 26 years old, which brings up the unanswered question of whether the wall collapsing is what caused him to go into cardiac arrest. It seems like a plausible conclusion. Though the article does not give much detail on the injuries that the other three men sustained, they will likely be unable to work while they are recovering.

Being injured on the job can cause a lot of stress for not only the injured workers but also their families. In many cases, workers can claim workers’ compensation benefits that help them financially until they can return to work.

In this specific instance, the building has already had multiple violations since construction began. An investigation into this fatal accident is underway. Thus far, it is believed that the collapse may have been due to improperly mixing of the concrete to the wall. If true, there would have been spaces in the wall making it unsafe and unstable.

Source: The New York Times online, “Wall Collapse at Queens Construction Site Kills One Worker and Injures Three,” Liz Robbins and Mick Meenan, 10 January 2011


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