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February 2011 Archives

Investigators attempt to use social media to disprove injuries

With the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, more and more people are connected to one another. Many sites offer users the ability to upload pictures, post status updates, and interact with other users. But these sites are sometimes used for other purposes: gathering evidence.

Energy company cited by OSHA after work-related accident

Like most states, Colorado has electrical lines that run throughout the state. Some of these lines are considered high-voltage and can be incredibly dangerous if handled improperly. Energy companies that maintain these types of high-voltage power lines should be making sure that employees are trained to handle the equipment correctly. This type of training can help prevent serious workplace injuries.

Workers with back injuries may recover faster with therapy

Being injured on the job not only results in physical injuries but also can financially impact a worker. In addition certain injuries can actually cause more complications than just the initial injury. For example, back pain can actually cause pain elsewhere, such as in the legs and feet.

Machinery crushes Colorado employee at equipment company

Last week, a Colorado man who worked at an equipment company was killed after an accident at work. Emergency responders initially got the call in the afternoon. By the time they were able to get to the accident scene, it was too late.

Incident at Colorado ice rink caused by carbon monoxide leak

A town in Colorado was suddenly shoved into the public eye earlier this week. National concern was sparked after a local event center temporarily closed down due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Cities across the nation began wondering whether the same problem existed at their ice rinks.

Workers At Risk of Cold Stress Injuries This Winter

In winter months, people can become susceptible to injuries due to unaccustomed exposure to cold weather conditions. Those most vulnerable include persons who work in buildings without heat or proper insulation and whose jobs are frequently outdoors and bare to the elements. Some examples of occupations that are at risk include construction workers, cold storage workers, emergency responders, ski resort employees, delivery workers, snow and ice removal crews and warehouse workers.

Improperly stored asbestos a danger to employees

There are many types of injuries that can happen in the workplace. For workers who are at a construction site, there is the danger of being struck by falling debris. For those who work in a chemical plant, there is a risk of the hazardous materials catching on fire and exploding.

OSHA cites oil company after explosion burns two workers

In our previous post, we discussed how recovering from a brain injury can be a painful process. In fact, recovering from any injury requires a lot of patience and endurance, not to mention a network of supporters. But when workers are injured on-the-job and are forced to take time off to recover, they are unable to work and may also become stressed over finances.

Can good supporters help brain injury victims recover?

After a work injury, the road to recovery can be a long and painful process. There are many types of injuries and some of those can have serious repercussions for the worker. One example of a serious work injury is a head injury. This can occur in different work settings, such as a construction site where there is debris falling and heavy machinery moving constantly.

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