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March 2011 Archives

Back injuries that go unreported can result in chronic pain

Many Americans may experience pain and not realize it is a result of their work duties. Some of the most common areas of pain include the arms, wrists, neck, shoulders and back. Employees that have desk jobs are just as likely to suffer from work-related pain as employees that have physical labor positions.

Workers' compensation granted to mauled pot-smoking park worker

The process of claiming workers' compensation benefits can be confusing and complicated. But getting those compensation benefits can help an injured worker with medical bills and lost wages. However proving a work-related accident is not always as simple as it seems.

Triangle Factory Fire paves way for modern workplace safety

In America, workers who suffer a workplace injury are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Employers are expected to maintain safe working environments according to federal standards.

A worker's head injury may be something serious: a brain injury

A worker who slips and falls may not realize the extent of his or her injuries immediately. In some cases, injuries are not as obvious when compared to a broken bone or a crush injury. One type of injury that can be less obvious is a brain injury.

OSHA to investigate incident of construction worker death

In some instances, a workplace injury can result in an investigation to determine what happened and whether the accident could have been prevented. Some work accidents occur because an employer does not provide adequate safety precautions or training.

Notre Dame fined after investigation into student worker's death

No matter the circumstance, losing a loved one is always a difficult experience especially if the death could have been prevented. In particular, when a person dies in a work-related accident it is especially tragic if the employer had failed to take safety precautions that could have saved the worker's life.

Colorado company Evraz receives citations after OSHA inspection

A previous post discussed some of the dangers associated with unguarded bandsaws. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration had issued several citations to a Colorado company after an investigation showed that the company had not been adhering to federal health and safety standards.

Poisoned workers making Apple products seek more compensation

For some workers, getting injured on-the-job is a daily possibility. For example, construction workers realize that there are a number of hazards that can cause an accident or injury at a construction site. For others, possible work injuries are less obvious until an injury or illness actually occurs.

Carpal tunnel standards at center of OSHA budget debate

One purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is for the regulation and enforcement of health and safety standards in workplaces. In other instances, OSHA will create or update rules for workplaces in order to continually promote workplace safety.

Federal agency helps coal miners detect black lung disease

A work injury can lead to many complications. There is the immediate pain and suffering that an injury can cause. Then there are medical bills and lost wages that can accumulate as an injured worker recovers from the injury. Even when a worker has recovered from the injury, he or she may not be able to perform the job duties required of them and may have to find employment elsewhere.

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