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Back injuries that go unreported can result in chronic pain

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2011 | Back & Neck Injuries |

Many Americans may experience pain and not realize it is a result of their work duties. Some of the most common areas of pain include the arms, wrists, neck, shoulders and back. Employees that have desk jobs are just as likely to suffer from work-related pain as employees that have physical labor positions.

Back injuries are common among employees in every industry. But back injuries do not always just affect the back. For example, a worker who is experiencing back pain may also feel severe pain in the legs and experience limited mobility as well. If no treatment is sought, acute back pain can quickly develop into a chronic issue.

There are a few ways that employees can hurt their back. If their workplace does not provide adequate chair support, workers may experience strain on their back. Stress can also lead to muscle pain; stress is something that workers may experience on a daily basis.

Physical therapists state that it is important to immediately report any joint or muscle pain that occurs in a work environment. If an injury is addressed within the first three weeks, it can generally be treated easily with slight modifications in one’s daily life. However, waiting to address the injury could result in treatment complications and years of pain.

Employers should have a process in place to address workplace pain; when workplace pain is untreated it can be harder to recover from and often becomes chronic. Reporting your injuries will ensure that you receive proper medical care and may entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits if your condition worsens or prevents you from performing your job duties.

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