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April 2011 Archives

OSHA cautions employers about heat-related illnesses

When employers are negligent in maintaining safe working environments, they face citations if their employees get injured on the job. Workers who suffer a work-related injury are usually entitled to workers' compensation; these benefits help cover the costs of medical expenses and lost wages.

Flesh-Eating Virus Plagues Injured Worker in Colorado

We often hear of injured employees when there is a traumatic work site event, such as a crane falling on a construction worker, or an explosion in an oil refinery. However, even injuries that seem small or insignificant can lead to serious complications and life-altering consequences.

A work accident causes serious head injury for bus driver

There are a number of injures an individual can sustain in a work-related accident. Head injuries, for example, can be caused by a slip and fall or falling debris. Getting medical treatment for a head injury can be expensive and costly; workers' compensation benefits can help an injured worker deal with some of those bills.

Worker killed after falling while working on offshore platform

In many instances, injuries can seem minor when the accident occurs but can later develop into serious injuries. For example, a worker who suffers a neck injury may experience slight pain initially. But that slight pain can develop into severe pain that can make it difficult for workers to perform their job functions.

OSHA cites Colorado home improvement store for safety hazards

When an employee is injured on-the-job, he or she may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. But when claiming those benefits, employees typically need documentation to show that the injury occurred in the workplace and that there was in fact injury. So what happens if a worker's employer does not properly keep track of workplace injuries?

Ski resort receives citations from OSHA after worker death

In December of last year, a post discussed some of the dangers of working at a ski resort after a ski-patrol director was killed in an avalanche. He had been working on a slope, trying to decrease the chances of an avalanche after a particular heavy storm that weekend.

New study looks at cause of grain elevator accidents in 2010

If you recall, a previous post discussed a fatal accident that occurred in a grain bin. Two young teenagers were killed while trying to do their job. OSHA fined the owner of the grain elevator after finding that workers were not provided safety gear and were not properly trained.

Agriculture industry one of the most dangerous for workers

The dairy industry does not just involve livestock and an ability to milk cows. As the industry has grown, so has the size of dairy farms and operations. Farms are employing more workers and using large machinery as business expands.

Colorado House Considers Bill That Would Limit Third-Party Liability

New legislation proposed in the Colorado legislature would change an age-old rule about the way evidence of damages is presented to juries in personal injury cases. Bill 1106, introduced by Colorado Springs Republican Bob Gardner, seeks to do away with the collateral source rule, which excludes evidence of compensation or indemnity paid to an injured party by a collateral source (that is, someone besides the accused wrongdoer in a civil claim).

Injured man hopes workers' compensation can help his family

Being injured on-the-job can be frustrating. Physical injuries themselves are difficult to deal with, especially if time-off is required in order to fully recover. Though this time off is necessary, it can have a financial impact on an injured worker's family. During the recovery period, the worker may not be able to do his job and will lose wages.

Woman injured at work; large metal plate strikes her face

Walmart is a nationally recognized discount department store chain that carries anything from outdoor patio furniture to the newer additions like produce. But one woman whose job was to work in a banana ripening room at a Walmart distribution center sustained a serious injury after falling debris landed on her.

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