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May 2011 Archives

Man gets fired because of medication for work-related back injury

In previous posts we've discussed how a work-related injury can impact a worker's future. For example, an injury can prevent a worker from actually working during the time of recovery, making it difficult to earn an income. Or an injury can permanently disable a worker, preventing him or her from ever performing that same job function again. But sometimes injuries can affect a worker in unexpected ways.

Better compensation laws for miners and their families?

A Senator from Colorado is trying to pass legislation that would provide better workers' compensation for the families of miners. Working in the mining and nuclear industry can lead to serious sickness and even death; exposure to toxic chemicals such as uranium can be extremely hazardous for workers' health.

Life after a brain injury can be significantly different

Often people think of life-altering injuries as physical injuries, where an individual loses the use of a limb or is paralyzed. But a brain injury can also significantly change a person's ability to work and communicate, making life a very different place after the injury.

Carpal tunnel syndrome becoming more prevalent

Research is showing that more young adults are showing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This particular injury often develops in workers whose jobs involve repetitive work that requires some force. While this type of work injury may not seem as severe as an amputated arm or a brain injury, this occupational disease can create other health problems.

A look at OSHA's efforts over the past 40 years

In Colorado, some of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigations have shown that there are certain jobs that pose serious safety concerns: trenching, oil and gas operations, and grain bin manufacturing. Just last year, there were 19 reported fatal workplace accidents in Colorado.

Construction workers injured after crane falls over

Being injured on-the-job can lead to a number of health complications. For example, suffering a neck or back injury may seem like a minor injury initially, but with time can develop into a more serious condition. Workers who suffer worker injuries can seek compensation for their injuries. Workers' compensation can help with unexpected financial challenges associated with medical costs.

OSHA (Barely) Protecting America's Workforce

All workers and employees know and understand that they are not machines, and that they should not be treated as such. Unlike machines, humans need to be treated with dignity and respect and protected, as best as possible, from unnecessary danger and injury while on the job.

Annual report regarding work-related injuries and death

An unsafe work environment can result in a number of different workplace injuries. Workers can get crushed by moving equipment or suffer a head injury from falling debris. Whatever the cause, a worker who suffers an injury on-the-job can seek workers' compensation benefits to help with some of the financial costs that can arise with an injury.

How Can and Insurance Company be so Heartless?

If a spouse is killed on the job, the surviving spouse is entitled to two-thirds of the wage the spouse earned prior to his or her death. These benefits continue for the rest of the surviving spouse's life, or until remarriage.  In the event of remarriage, the spouse gets the equivalent of two years of death benefits.  

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