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Carpal tunnel syndrome becoming more prevalent

On Behalf of | May 17, 2011 | Repetitive Stress Injuries |

Research is showing that more young adults are showing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This particular injury often develops in workers whose jobs involve repetitive work that requires some force. While this type of work injury may not seem as severe as an amputated arm or a brain injury, this occupational disease can create other health problems.

The article looks specifically at how carpal tunnel syndrome can develop through work and through every day activities. Often the use of computers can cause this type of injury. For those with jobs that involve assembly line work, cleaning, and even sewing, carpal tunnel syndrome can become a problem.

One issue that an occupational therapist noticed was how a worker’s body is hunched over. This syndrome affects the nervous system, typically the nerve that runs down one’s arm. The nerve swells and causes pain for the individual.

For a worker, a job might require the constant repetitive-motion makes the pain worse. Without therapy or treatment, performing regular job functions may become nearly impossible for the employee.

The article notes that workers who are experiencing carpal tunnel pain or work in a hunched position should take breaks to stretch. But what happens if an employee is already experiencing nerve pain? Therapy can be expensive and if the employee is unable to do his or her job while recovering, there are lost wages as well.

For workers who are injured on-the-job, workers’ compensation benefits can help the worker financially. These benefits can help a worker ensure that the work injury is properly treated.

Source: Pekin Times online, “More young people are complaining of back, hand, finger pain,” Mike DeDoncker, 12 May 2011


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