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Construction workers injured after crane falls over

Being injured on-the-job can lead to a number of health complications. For example, suffering a neck or back injury may seem like a minor injury initially, but with time can develop into a more serious condition. Workers who suffer worker injuries can seek compensation for their injuries. Workers' compensation can help with unexpected financial challenges associated with medical costs.

Two construction workers are likely considering filling for workers' compensation after an accident that occurred earlier this week. Construction workers face a number of hazards at work that can include large machinery, falling debris, and even unstable equipment.

The two men had been working on a bridge; it is unclear what type of work was being done. There were a number of workers present when a lift-crane began to wobble. The crane fell over and hit one of the men. He was hit on his upper-body and was brought to a local hospital for treatment. Though the details of his injury are not given, it is likely that given where the crane struck him he suffered a back injury as a result.

One other worker was injured in the accident: the crane driver. Responders found him injured in the crane and sent him to a local hospital, where he is reportedly in good condition.

Right now, law enforcement is investigating the accident to determine what could have caused the crane to topple over. Was it the crane operator's mistake? Was there a manufacturing defect in the crane itself?

Regardless of the reason, two people were injured as a result of the incident. For the man who was struck by the crane, he may be facing a lengthy recovery period. Even given some time, he may not be able to return to his job if the injury permanently affects him. Hopefully he will be able to obtain workers' compensation to make this time a little less stressful financially.

Source: Chicago Tribune online, "Toppling crane injures 2 on South Side," Carlos Sadovi, 09 May 2011

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