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Man gets fired because of medication for work-related back injury

On Behalf of | May 26, 2011 | Back & Neck Injuries |

In previous posts we’ve discussed how a work-related injury can impact a worker’s future. For example, an injury can prevent a worker from actually working during the time of recovery, making it difficult to earn an income. Or an injury can permanently disable a worker, preventing him or her from ever performing that same job function again. But sometimes injuries can affect a worker in unexpected ways.

One man is out of work after being employed by MillerCoors for seven years. During the time he worked for MillerCoors, he suffered a job-related back injury. As a result, the man was prescribed medical marijuana for the discomfort and pain from the injury. Unfortunately, his medication also cost him his job.

The man, who has been listed on the medical marijuana registry for a year, had a no-injury accident at his brewery workplace a few months ago. He was given a drug test and failed, testing positive for marijuana. According to him, he was fired on the spot and escorted from the building by security.

While there may be other factors at play in this situation, it appears that the man was let go because of the drugs in his system. And now the man is out of work, still recovering from the back injury, and unable to receive any unemployment benefits because his claim is still pending.

There are few details about the man’s back injury, only that it was the result of a work accident. Workers who are injured on-the-job may be entitled to compensation for their injury. Workers’ compensation benefits can help a worker financially with some of the bills and expenses that can incur during treatment and recovery.

Source: The Colorado Independent online, “VIDEO: Coors fires man for using medical marijuana,” Scot Kersgaard, 20 May 2011


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