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June 2011 Archives

Woman sentenced to prison for faking a neck injury

When an employee gets injured on-the-job, that employee may be entitled to workers' compensation. These benefits can help an employee financially while he or she is recovering until they can return to work. But if workers' compensation is not accurately recorded or it is discovered that the employee faked an injury, the consequences can be great.

Changes in Colorado Workers Compensation Act

The Colorado Workers Compensation Act went through some changes during the last legislative session. They are not the kind of sweeping changes that were put into effect by industry back in 1990. However, since then, we've been able to battle back a little at a time. This year's changes were small, but they were all good for injured workers. Here is a summary:

Colorado University employees file workers' compensation claims

Any type of injury or illness that can prevent a worker from doing his or her job can make life difficult. In some instances the worker has to undergo expensive medical treatment or therapy in order to recover, creating a number of financial challenges.

Correctional facility spawns multiple cases of carpal tunnel

When people hear the phrase carpal tunnel, most think of injuries associated with using a keyboard for a computer. But carpal tunnel syndrome can develop in any employee who does a lot of repetitive work.

Work-related head injury can lead to more serious brain injury

When a worker suffers a head injury, the consequences can be severe. Even the most trivial head injury can lead to things such as concussions or even a blood clot in the brain. A more serious head injury can lead to a brain injury that can impact an individual for the rest of their life.

Colorado worker accused of stealing workers' compensation

When workers are injured on the job, the injuries can have serious implications for the worker. There are costs associated with medical bills and treatment. There's also the wages that the worker loses while recovering from the injury.

Mobile devices may increase risk of workers' compensation claims

More companies are offering mobile devices such as cell phones and laptops to employees to increase productivity by allowing them to keep in closer touch with the office and with customers while on the road.

Colorado man awarded settlement after paralyzing work accident

For the many different types of professions, there are a number of different types of injuries that workers can sustain on-the-job. Many injuries have long-term and even permanent affects on workers, making it difficult to return to work and their way of life prior to the injury.

Federal prosecutors begin trial against Xcel for worker deaths

Traditionally, people think of head trauma as the cause of brain injuries. These types of injuries can significantly impact a worker's ability to perform their job functions. But sometimes brain damage can occur because of lack of oxygen or breathing in dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide, which can even be fatal.

Colorado road workers injured more severely from work accidents

One county in Colorado recently learned what types of workers' compensation claims were more prevalent in their area. The statistics looked at how many settlements were paid on claims made by workers for injuries sustained on-the-job.

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