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Work-related head injury can lead to more serious brain injury

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2011 | Head & Brain Injuries |

When a worker suffers a head injury, the consequences can be severe. Even the most trivial head injury can lead to things such as concussions or even a blood clot in the brain. A more serious head injury can lead to a brain injury that can impact an individual for the rest of their life.

For many workers, suffering a head injury can occur in a number of ways: falling debris, unsafe machinery, and even slipping and falling on the floor. Whenever an accident like the ones listed occur, the worker may face a number of expenses related to medical treatment and therapy. One construction worker may soon face some of the challenges associated with a head injury.

The construction worker was on-the-job inside a supermarket. The supermarket is undergoing a number of renovations and the construction worker had been part of the crew making the renovations. The worker somehow fell from a six-foot platform, hitting his head on the concrete below.

Though the specifics of his injury are not given, the report does note that the man was conscious after the fall. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for his head injury. No doubt emergency responders were concerned that there could be internal bleeding or bruising.

While it appears that this injury may not be too serious, a head or brain injury can potentially alter a person’s personality and capability to perform basic functions. In some instances, a brain injury can force a worker to relearn many of the tasks that had been second nature prior to the injury.

Source: Portsmouth Patch online, “Construction Worker Suffers Head Injury in Fall,” Robert Cook, 17 June 2011


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