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July 2011 Archives

Colorado oil field company fined by OSHA for safety violations

When an employee is injured in a work-related accident, that employee can seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits can help with medical expenses and lost wages as the employee recovers from the injury.

Workers with carpal tunnel must inform employer of work injury

As we've seen in previous posts, carpal tunnel syndrome does not only affect workers who type on computer keyboards. This particular injury impacts employees whose jobs include repetitive motion work such as production line factory work.

Workers' compensation for workers who develop illness on-the-job

Imagine finding out that you have developed cancer or leukemia. When you try to figure out how you contracted the illness, you come to the conclusion that something at your work increased your risk of developing the medical condition. Now you have expenses for treatments and medications that are only growing because of your inability to return to work. What can you do?

Colorado man falls from power line into trench and is killed

Last week, a man died in a work-related accident in San Miguel County, Colorado. He had been working on a power line when, for unknown reasons, he fell and landed in a trench. When he landed, the trench collapsed on top of him and he was buried under a pile of dirt.

Colorado families disappointed by verdict in workplace death case

When an accident occurs in the workplace, there are a number of issues that can arise for the employer. The injured employee can seek workers' compensation if the employer was negligent and OSHA can issue citations if an investigation reveals violations of safety and health regulations.

Injured worker recovering from crush injury in Colorado hospital

When an employee is injured in the workplace and it results in the loss of a limb, that injury can affect the employee for the rest of his or her life. An amputation can be the result of a crush injury or a machinery accident. Whatever the cause, the result is devastating.

Brain injury from work accident prevents victim from working

A young man had been working as a roofer. But one day while on the job, he fell more than 30 feet from the roof onto the ground below. He was severely injured and suffered a serious brain injury, requiring surgery that removed part of his skull.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Damages Awarded to Injured Utility Worker

When workers are injured on the job, workers' compensation laws can help them get the money that they need to continue medical treatment and replace the wages they lose while they cannot work. The case of Andrew Blood, a former utility lineman at Xcel Energy, is an example of why these laws are so important.

Workers' compensation dispute centers on risk factors of death

The husband of a woman who died while working from home has been awarded workers' compensation benefits. The wife, an AT&T employee who worked from her home office three out of five days a week, died when a main artery in her lung was blocked. Doctors believe the blockage was likely caused by a blood clot that started in her leg.

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