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Injured worker recovering from crush injury in Colorado hospital

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2011 | Crush Injuries |

When an employee is injured in the workplace and it results in the loss of a limb, that injury can affect the employee for the rest of his or her life. An amputation can be the result of a crush injury or a machinery accident. Whatever the cause, the result is devastating.

An employee of a mining plant is currently recovering in a Colorado hospital. He was the victim of a workplace accident. He had been trying to fix a screw conveyor and put his arm over a hole. The hole had been hidden by duct tape; it appears that someone had cut a hole in the conveyer and tried to cover it up by taping over it.

Unfortunately, when the man set his hand on the duct tape, his arm fell through and his hand hit the conveyor. His hand was cut off. The worker was immediately transported to the hospital and treated for his serious injury. He is currently recovering from the loss of his right hand.

But despite the fact that he seems to be in good spirits, this employee will have a lot to consider. During the recovery and rehabilitation process, the worker will be unable to do his job and may run into some financial challenges. Once he has recovered, he may not even be able to return to his job. The loss of his hand may prevent him from being able to work in the mining industry.

Employees who are injured on the job can seek workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help the employee get the proper medical treatment they need to fully recover.

The plant is currently under investigation by the federal mine inspectors. The inspectors will likely be looking for any violations of safety or health regulations. If violations are discovered, the plant could be facing a number of citations and fines.

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