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October 2011 Archives

Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome and steps to take

In a previous post, we briefly discussed carpal tunnel syndrome and how workers can be affected by this particular occupational disease. This particular disease can develop when workers do repetitive work.

Crush injury at work leaves worker without several fingers

Different jobs often require different skill sets. Workers also rely on different physical abilities and motions, depending on their job. But overall, most workers need the use of their fingers and hands for a wide range of motions.

Man caught working on roof after claiming workers' compensation

In Colorado, recovering benefits after being injured at work can be a complicated process. Workers' compensation benefits can help an injured worker with things like medical bills and lost wages. But it can be confusing to try and navigate your way through workers' compensation laws.

Police officer seeks workers' compensation for back injury

Injuries that stem from a work-related incident can make it difficult to get a job done. If you are working on a computer every day, a wrist injury can prevent you from typing on a keyboard. If your job requires a lot of movement, a back injury could significantly limit what tasks you can perform.

Institute of Medicine studies effectiveness of brain injury treatment

There is always concern regarding the affect that a brain injury can have on an individual. Much research focuses on how to best rehabilitate a brain injury victim, whether the injury is severe or minor.

Employers' Top Mistakes When Injured Employees Return to Work

Returning to work after an injury can be difficult for employees. Employers who do not observe the law can make the return even more trying. When employees are allowed or required to return to work, employer mistakes may be costly to both the employees' bottom lines and their health.

Can workers' compensation be claimed for cellphone-related injuries?

When a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she can seek workers' compensation benefits to help with things like medical expenses. But how do courts define "work-related injuries" or determine whether an injury occurred during the course of employment? The answers to those questions can dictate whether an injured worker will receive workers' compensation.

How carpal tunnel syndrome could impact a worker

You've been working for a while now, performing jobs that require a lot of repetitive motion. Specifically, you do work that requires your wrist to be flexed for long periods of time. Over time your wrist starts to go numb and you struggle with simple hand motions. Doing your job has become difficult, forcing you to seek medical help.

Construction workers settle with companies after platform collapse

A minor injury stemming from a work accident may prevent a worker from returning to his or her job for a short period of time. But a more severe injury, such as a neck or back injury can result in months or even years of recovery and rehabilitation.

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