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Police officer seeks workers’ compensation for back injury

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2011 | Back & Neck Injuries |

Injuries that stem from a work-related incident can make it difficult to get a job done. If you are working on a computer every day, a wrist injury can prevent you from typing on a keyboard. If your job requires a lot of movement, a back injury could significantly limit what tasks you can perform.

What should you do if you think you’ve suffered a work-related injury? There are a lot of considerations such as workers’ compensation benefits, time off, and even medical expenses if treatment or therapy is necessary.

Employees who are injured on the job can claim workers’ compensation benefits. These types of benefits can help the employee with some of the additional expenses that can come up such as medical bills and lost wages.

In some instances, the work-related injury may not be as obvious. For example, if a police officer suffers a back injury because of the constant movements in and out of a patrol car, is he entitled to workers’ compensation? What if he suffers a shoulder injury from the repetitive motion of lifting a gun from a gun rack?

A police officer on the West Coast has filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits this year. He believes that his back and shoulder injuries resulted from his daily movements as a police officer. According to him, he has suffered from a number of different injuries, including possible heart problems.

For any worker who has been injured at work, going through the process of filing a workers’ compensation benefits claim can be confusing. Often it can help to discuss the injury and claims process with someone who understands workers’ compensation laws.

Source: Sign On San Diego: “Veteran O’side cop makes workers’ comp claims,” Kristina Davis, Oct. 13, 2011


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