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November 2011 Archives

SeaWorld fights federal sanctions in the death of orca trainer

Many Denver residents may remember the tragic death of a SeaWorld trainer in February 2010 after the killer whale that she was working with dragged her into his tank and drowned her. Although Denver zoos and water parks may not have killer whales, SeaWorld's attempt to fight federal sanctions brought by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may call into question what kind of liability an employer has for employee safety.

Workers at risk of injury as shoppers hit the stores on Black Friday

It's that time of the year again that workers dread and consumers love: Black Friday. Thanksgiving Day is spent with family and friends eating and relaxing. For consumers and retailers, the day after Thanksgiving is also a holiday of sorts.

Worker killed after getting crushed by skid loader

At a work site, there are many things happening at the same time. Workers may be operating equipment while others are on the ground, digging or laying down foundation. Depending on the work environment, employees can be at risk of sustaining an injury.

Explosion at grain elevator kills six workers

In several previous posts, we've discussed some of the accidents that can occur in grain elevators. These types of incidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities among grain workers. When it comes to work environments, grain elevators can be dangerous.

Loss Costs on the Rise (Again) for Colorado Workers

The amount that employers in Colorado pay for the "loss costs" portion of workers' compensation premiums will increase in 2012. After nearly a decade of decreasing loss costs premiums, the last two years have seen the Colorado Division of Insurance raise premium amounts. In 2011, loss costs premiums were raised by 3.4 percent and in 2012 premiums will be raised an additional 3.7 percent.

Burned worker may need workers' compensation benefits

No matter what type of job you are in, there is always a risk of getting injured on the job. While there are certain professions where the risk is much greater than others, things can happen in any work environment that can cause serious injury or even death.

Construction workers at greater risk of injury on-site

Getting injured at work can be frustrating and pose challenges. Though workers may be aware of the possibility of getting hurt, workplace accidents are typically not anticipated and can leave an employee struggling physically and financially.

Crush injury leaves construction worker severely injured

In our previous post, we discussed the injuries that can result from nail gun accidents. Construction workers and carpenters often use nail guns in the everyday work. But getting hurt by a nail gun is just one of the several ways a construction worker could get injured on the job.

Nail gun accidents on the job can cause serious injuries

The last thing you want to think about after getting injured at work is how you will pay for medical bills. A work accident can cause severe injuries, changing a worker's future in a number of different ways. But no matter how seemingly minor the injuries, many workers face a recovery process that is neither cheap nor quick. Injured workers can claim workers' compensation benefits to help with some of the financial challenges that can arise.

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