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Construction workers at greater risk of injury on-site

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2011 | Head & Brain Injuries |

Getting injured at work can be frustrating and pose challenges. Though workers may be aware of the possibility of getting hurt, workplace accidents are typically not anticipated and can leave an employee struggling physically and financially.

Our previous two posts have raised concerns surrounding the injuries that construction workers can sustain while on the job. Another type of injury that can result is a brain injury, often the result of some type of head trauma. Is this something that construction workers should be concerned about?

Researchers believe that construction workers are at greater risk of suffering an injury on the job when compared to other professions. A construction site often has large machinery and moving pieces that can cause injury. Other sites have a greater risk of exposing workers to hazardous materials that cause illness.

According to a new study:

  • Three out of four construction workers will likely suffer a disabling injury
  • One out of 200 construction workers are at risk of dying in a job-related accident
  • Construction workers are at greater risk of developing diseases (including lung diseases)

And though the Center for Construction Research and Training continues to try to find ways to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses within the construction industry, workers are still getting injured and even killed on-site.

Construction workers, who suffer a serious head or brain injury or any other type of injury for that matter, often face months or even years of difficult recovery. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits can help with some of the financial difficulties that can accompany an injury.

Source: MSN Health: “‘Hard Hats’ Still have High Rates of Injury, Illness: Report,” Robert Preidt, Oct. 31, 2011


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