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Crush injury leaves construction worker severely injured

In our previous post, we discussed the injuries that can result from nail gun accidents. Construction workers and carpenters often use nail guns in the everyday work. But getting hurt by a nail gun is just one of the several ways a construction worker could get injured on the job.

Construction workers are also at risk of sustaining a crush injury. If there is heavy machinery or equipment on site, construction workers may be seriously hurt if the machinery or equipment falls on top of the worker.

The aftermath of this type of injury can be devastating and life-altering. One construction worker lost a hand and a foot after being crushed by a forklift. The man was a part of a crew working on a bridge. Somehow a forklift fell and landed on the man.

His fellow construction workers had to lift the forklift so that the man could be freed. Responders arrived and immediately transported him to a nearby medical center. His injuries were severe and doctors operated on him immediately. While the worker did survive the accident, he will now have to adjust to life without two of his appendages.

A question that arises from this incident is whether the accident could have been prevented. How did the forklift fall? Is this a common issue? An investigation has already been launched to determine what led to the accident.

A crush injury such as this one can leave a worker unable to do his job, while he is recovering from the accident as well as after the injury has healed. But even with financial challenges that can arise, the more difficult part of recovery will likely be the emotional trauma this worker will endure from his injuries.

Source: MPR News: "Central Corridor worker injured after being pinned under forklift," Laura Yuen, Oct. 18, 2011

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