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December 2011 Archives

Employers seek to protect employees from repetitive injuries

Denver factory workers know how difficult it can be to finish a shift and the older the workers get, the harder it is to keep going. It's natural for Colorado employees who perform heavy, physical labor to start to develop back injuries over time. Sometimes, these repetitive lifting injuries can lead to a forced retirement after workers can no longer ignore the pain of performing strenuous work.

Painting Company Admits Guilt in Death of Five Workers at Georgetown Plant

Four years ago, nine men went to work at the Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Plant near Georgetown, Colorado. Their employer, RPI Coating, Inc., of Santa Fe, Colorado, had a contract with Xcel Energy to recoat an existing water pipeline to prevent corrosion. A chemical fire ignited in the pipeline and five of the workers were trapped about 1,500 feet down the 4,000 foot tunnel system.

Hospice, dementia patients cause injuries to health care employees

In 2010, approximately 7 percent of health care professionals who were injured on the job were hurt by the patients they were caring for. Although the percentage released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics did not differentiate between hospice or dementia patients and other patients, The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that many hospice and dementia patients are responsible for some serious workplace injuries.

Employees using smartphones, tablets may face new injuries

As Colorado employers become increasingly "high tech," more employees will start carrying smartphones and tablets for their jobs. While these devices may make computing and communications easier and more convenient, there has been a new report documenting repetitive strain injuries caused by using this new technology.

Prison guards injured, dead after crash on Colorado interstate

One prison guard has been injured and another died after a recent rollover accident in Colorado. The Denver Post reports that the accident happened in between the small towns of Genoa and Limon in eastern Colorado along an icy stretch of Interstate 70. Although little has been released about the accident, there have been reports that the guard who survived the accident sustained moderate to serious injuries and will most likely need to apply for lost wage benefits from his or her employer.

Transportation is a top cause of Colorado workplace fatalities

Although it may seem rare for someone to die at work, there were 80 on-the-job deaths in Colorado last year. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has recently released the data from its annual Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries, which documents all the work-related deaths for 2010.

Carpal tunnel syndrome leads to millions in workers' compensation

In this increasingly modern workplace, it is more and more common for Colorado workers to be in front of a computer typing. The more pressure that is put on the hand and wrist, however, the greater the risk that an employee will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an occupational disease that is caused by repetitive work of the hands, fingers and wrists. It is a chronic condition and a repetitive injury, and, luckily, it is covered by Colorado workers' compensation benefits.

Grain silos create dangerous situations for workers

Although grain equipment accidents can happen across the United States, grain producers in the state of Colorado have had previous grain equipment-related fatalities and have received multiple citations due to these types of dangerous situations.

Colorado Workers Can Get Benefits for Worsened Injuries

Getting injured at work is a stressful experience. Not only do you have to deal with the pain and other physical consequences of an injury, but you may also find yourself unable to work and worried about how you will pay your bills.

Company works on plea deal in death of five employees in Colorado

Colorado workers can expect that their employer will provide them with a safe environment and that they are safe from injury while at work. Although all Colorado employees are owed this, some employers expose their workers to extremely dangerous or deadly conditions, and when a worker is injured, he or she is entitled to compensation, lost wages, and dependency and death benefits.

Heading soccer balls could lead to traumatic brain injuries

People in Colorado may expect to hear stories of football or hockey players who have long-term brain damage from the rough hits to the head that are common in their sports, but some people in Denver may be surprised to find that new research shows that repeated heading of a soccer ball can eventually lead to brain abnormalities similar to traumatic brain injuries.

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