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Construction worker hit by falling concrete, suffers back injury

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2012 | Back & Neck Injuries |

There are construction sites across Denver and Colorado and the construction workers that work at them are constantly at risk for injury. Even at a relatively safe site, it is possible for a Denver construction worker to be injured on the job. An employee that is involved in a workplace accident may suffer lost wages, steep medical bills and, possibly, permanent disability. Regardless of the situation, it is important to consult a workers’ compensation attorney who can explain how to get the compensation you need to tackle a mounting financial burden.

This story could easily happen all over Colorado at one of many construction sites: an employee was working on some scaffolding, trying to attach a slab of pre-cast concrete to a section of the wall next to a window when the slab fell. The concrete slab fell 1 to 2 feet and hit the employee on the head. While the employee was wearing a safety helmet, it was obvious that he was hurt.

A man in a nearby apartment heard the construction worker scream. Soon, fire engines, ambulances and hospital security arrived on the scene. The injured employee remained lying down and needed to be taken off the three-story scaffolding on a stretcher with a neck brace.

Luckily, the injured construction worker remained conscious during the entire event. He did, however, suffer a back injury and was rushed to the hospital. He remained in the hospital emergency room for four hours before he was finally released, but there is no word on his condition or how long until he can return to work.

Construction work comes with considerable risk, but there are provisions in place that will help injured employees back on their feet after a serious accident. Workers’ compensation and disability benefits both provide injured employees with the money they will need during their recovery time.

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