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February 2012 Archives

Bathroom refurbishers could be at risk of injuries, death

Denver bathroom refinishers know how much work it takes to completely strip a bathtub and other furniture of its previous coats of paint. In order to get down to the very base, some refurbishing companies provide their employees with methylene chloride, but this chemical may be putting Denver refinishers at risk. Between 2000 and 2011, 13 workers have died while using the chemical.

Tons of Steel Falling From Sky Leave No Marks on Construction Workers

What could have been a devastating tragedy at the World Trade Center construction site turned into a relatively safe landing as a load of steel girders fell from above almost perfectly onto the flatbed of a sitting truck. There have been mixed reports of only one minor injury and no injuries at all at the construction site crash.

Workers hospitalized after chemical cloud spreads at IHOP

A cloud of chlorine gas emanated from the dishwasher in an IHOP last week after an employee mixed two cleaning products and started the wash cycle. "There was a big cloud of smoke and it filled up the air. It smelled like straight bleach," according to one witness.

Foundry worker to receive workers' comp benefits after stroke

Imagine being at work carrying large pails up and down stairs in 100 degree heat. Imagine wearing a thick fire suit over heavy welding clothes and sweating profusely throughout your whole shift. It is not surprising that a Colorado resident would suffer a serious health problem in such a workplace, even with frequent breaks. After a man had a stroke while working in just these conditions, he applied for and recently won workers' compensation for his on-the-job-injury.

Construction worker still recovering from nail gun head injury

A 45-year-old construction worker is happy to be safe and healthy after a three-inch nail was accidently shot into his skull. The man, who suffered this severe head injury in the workplace, was convinced he was going to die after the incident, but doctors discovered that the nail had missed all major blood vessels in the man's brain, lodging itself between the left and right hemispheres. While the man was quite lucky, many construction workers in Denver and across Colorado are aware that using dangerous nail guns during construction does not always end with so happily.

CRPS, RSD and CO Workers' Compensation

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can be the debilitating result of a simple or minor injury or the result of something more severe, such as a heart attack, stroke or other trauma. When an on-the-job injury results in the development of CRPS/RSD, Colorado workers' compensation may be available to cover the cost of treatment and any lost wages due to the injury.

Tired at work? Sleepy employees are at risk of injury

Anyone in Denver who works knows just how common it is to be tired at work. It seems like no matter what time you go to bed, wake up or how much coffee you drink, at some point during the day you will be fatigued. There is new research out that indicates tired employees are more apt to make some kind of mistake that will lead to an injury and possibly require temporary disability benefits to cover lost wages. According to some estimates, a lack of sleep can cost up to $60 billion a year because of health care costs, low productivity and industrial accidents.

On-The-Job Dog Bite of Denver TV Anchor a Work Comp Issue?

While taping a 'feel good' news segment for Denver's KUSA-TV, anchor Kyle Dyer was bitten in the face by the star of the piece -- an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff. The show was intended to reunite the dog's rescuer with the dog and its owner, but quickly turned when the Mastiff bit the news anchor in the lip while filming.

Inflexible lumbar spine and twisting contribute to back pain

Most people in Denver have had back pain before, but not nearly as many have been so injured that they can't return to their old job or can't work at all. Severe lower-back pain can and does keep some Colorado employees from working. What may have started as a small injury could eventually lead to numbness in the feet, pain in the legs and mobility issues. In some cases, lower-back pain is the direct result of a serious workplace accident, but it is also possible that someone could develop debilitating lower-back pain by repeating the same job-related action over and over.

Investigation in worker's death runs into dead end

When a loved one dies in a terrible accident, family members may be at a loss as to what to do next. Many people may be overwhelmed at the cost of a funeral and dealing with the accident victim's debts. If that family member was the primary earner, the thought of moving forward without his or her income is as frightening as the person's death is tragic. For these family members, it is often important to contact a lawyer to sign up for workers' compensation death benefits.

Worker dies after being crushed by 40-foot container

The family of a 47-year-old longshoreman is likely struggling to cope with a recent fatal accident that took the employee's life. The man died in an on-the-job accident when a 40-foot container crushed him. Some sources have said the container weighed 8 tons at the time of the accident.

Fatal Cart/Shuttle Crash Claims Life of Southwest Airlines Employee

The crash of a baggage cart with an airport passenger shuttle/mobile lounge took the life of a Southwest Airlines employee. The worker was flown to the nearest hospital for treatment, but did not survive the injuries.

Employees with back pain may find relief in acting technique

With the large number of employees in Denver who work sitting down, many people in Colorado have developed serious back pain. Luckily, workers in Denver and throughout the rest of Colorado that suffer from sore backs and other kinds of back pain are finding relief in a traditional form of treatment.

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