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Injured employee allowed to re-open workers’ compensation lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

Colorado employees who are injured on-the-job may think that filing for workers’ compensation is easy, but they are often not ready for the scrutiny and pushback that some employers may put up. Because many Denver workers depend on those lost wages while they are out recovering from an injury or accident, it is essential to have an experienced attorney helping file for workers’ compensation and fighting for the employee when the employer tries to cast doubt on the workers’ story.

If it had not been for a 25-year-old woman’s attorney, she may never have received any workers’ compensation or lost wages after she was injured while driving to an after-work meeting. The former Noodles & Company employee was told to go to a meeting at her boss’s home when she was injured in a motorcycle accident. Instead of accepting her workers’ compensation claim, however, her former employer said that she was going to an optional social gathering and, thus, was ineligible for an award of lost wages.

When her case was eventually dismissed, it was her workers’ compensation attorney that got a court to re-open her case. He persuaded a federal court of appeals that both Noodles & Company and its insurance company had acted in bad faith and that they had tried to avoid paying the young woman. Now, the young woman will again attempt to prove that she was injured while going to a work-related meeting.

Employers take these kinds of actions against Denver employees all the time, making it very important that an injured worker find a lawyer who will fight back and prevent an unjust court decision.

Source: Star Tribune, “Judges reinstate Noodles & Co. worker’s comp suit,” Dan Browning, March 22, 2012


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