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Colorado back injuries can be prevented by changing positions

On Behalf of | May 15, 2012 | Back & Neck Injuries |

Nearly everyone in Denver has felt that slight twinge after getting up from a long day in an office chair. Back pain and injuries to the lower back are extremely common for office workers and are often the reason why an employee will miss work. Although this is a problem that affects people across Colorado, it is often something that employers would be able to fix by making a few simple changes in the workplace.

The typical office worker will spend most of his or her day seated and in front of a computer. Constantly being in the same position and then often driving home in the same position puts a strain on the back. If Colorado employers broke up the day and encouraged employees to get up, move around or work from a different position throughout the day, it could reduce the number of back injuries.

A back injury may start out as just an annoyance or a slight, intermittent problem. Unfortunately, it could lead to even more serious conditions like severe, disabling pain, paralysis or limited mobility. It is obvious that back pain is a serious problem for many employees, but there are options available for those workers who are in such pain that they can no longer work.

Workers compensation provides money to those Colorado workers who sustain injuries to the lower back or are suffering from debilitating back pain. And because the back is such an important and sensitive part of the body, it is important that any employee who has consistent back pain seek out a medical expert and start treatment early. It may be possible to prevent further back injuries by not ignoring what may seem like just a slight twinge when you get up from your desk at the end of the day.

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