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Falling crane injures, hospitalizes two construction workers

On Behalf of | May 3, 2012 | Construction Injuries |

Denver construction workers know how important workplace safety can be. The tiniest misstep, skipping a final check or rushing through a job could easily lead to temporary disability and lost wages. While the people of Colorado hope that these accidents won’t happen, it is important to speak with an attorney when they do. The Colorado workers’ compensation program is difficult to understand and anyone who is out of work because of an accident needs all the money they can get.

While it is unknown how much work two construction workers will miss as they recover in the hospital, they are lucky to be alive after a 70-foot construction crane fell. It is unknown if the employees were on the crane or if the crane fell on top of them, but they were injured and hospitalized after it tipped over near a construction site.

The two men were working with a construction company on updating a chiller plant at a local hospital when the seemingly unsecured crane fell. The crane was to be moved and workers were waiting for some heavier construction equipment to arrive and move the crane. It also appears that the construction equipment was supposed to be securing the crane. Sadly, it never arrived and the two workers were injured in the incident.

The men were rushed to the hospital they were working on. Although the hospital spokesperson said they received minor injuries, it does not appear that they have been discharged. There is no information on how long these men will be recovering before they can resume work.

This story reminds us that what seems like a minor safety problem may turn into a serious accident, temporary disability and lost wages.


Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “2 workers injured when crane topples at Creve Coeur hospital,” Denise Hollinshed, April 19, 2012


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