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June 2012 Archives

City worker recovering after being crushed by giant cactus

Working for a city can be dangerous. The Colorado workers' compensation system exists, however, to mitigate the consequences should a job-related injury occur. Plumbing and electrical systems, water treatment centers, waste collection equipment, sewers--all of these can pose real threats to city employees. In addition to these industrial dangers, city workers are often required to spend much of their time outdoors, exposed to potentially harmful natural forces such as hurricanes, flash floods, wildfires, tornadoes, and landslides. As one man recently found out, this also includes giant cactuses.

Preventing workplace slip-and-falls requires careful planning

The Colorado workplace can actually be a dangerous place, but employers need to spend some time planning and preventing common on-the-job slip-and-fall accidents. Sadly, some employees in Denver have suffered temporary injuries that force them to take time off of work to recover because their employers don't have sufficient protocols in place to keep floors and workspaces clean and clear of something that could trip an employee.

Construction site accident leads to injuries, death

Many people in Aurora know that certain jobs can just be dangerous. Even though these jobs exist, it is a Colorado employer's job to make sure that an employee is not risking his or her life just to do his or her job. Sadly, some employers in Aurora just don't do enough to protect their workers, leading to serious injuries or even death.

Sitting incorrectly for long periods can cause health risks

For many people in Denver, working in front of a computer or sitting in a chair is how they spend most of their eight-hour work days. This also means that many people are at risk for sitting incorrectly or at a station that is not ergonomically set-up, which could cause injury, pain or health conditions.

Worker Dies After Being Crushed by Heavy Equipment

Working with heavy equipment can be extremely dangerous. No worker is entirely free from risk of harm, no matter how experienced or well-trained they may be. Sometimes accidents can be caused by negligent co-workers or poor safety oversight from management. In other cases, equipment may simply malfunction and give rise to an accident that causes serious injury or death.

Government, employers do little to protect individuals from silicosis

The factory workers of Denver expect that the government is doing its best to regulate dangerous products in the workplace. It is shocking, however, to learn that proposals to cut the amount of silica and beryllium, both dangerous carcinogens, that Colorado employees can be exposed to have been tied up for years.

Men live off workers' compensation after grain silo explosion

Imagine being told by your boss to go and get something from your workspace. While not an unusual occurrence in Colorado businesses, what happened to three men working in a grain silo certainly was. As the three men were in a grain elevator in 2010, a slow-burning fire exploded, severely burning the three men.

Employers need ergonomic workstations to avoid carpal tunnel

You get to work and start typing. Eight hours later you leave your Denver office and have spent most of your day in front of a computer. When you get home you start to notice that your hands and fingers are numb or tingling. After some time, you go to your doctor and are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a common occupational disease that many Colorado employees are starting to develop.

Painkiller Regimens May Do More Harm Than Good For Hurt Workers

Over the last decade, doctors have increasingly relied on narcotic painkillers - like OxyContin or Percocet - as key tools in the treatment of workplace injuries. However, state regulators, medical professionals and workers' compensation insurers are beginning to worry that painkiller-intensive treatment regimens may actually do more harm than good.

Company shows 'zero commitment' to workplace safety, loses employee

Workplace safety is an extremely important topic for many people in Colorado. Even those people who are not working in heavy industry know that there are many dangers that could result in serious injury or death if they are not properly mitigated by an employer. When an employer fails to ensure the workplace is safe, the family members of an employee that is fatally injured on-the-job can often receive death and dependency benefits.

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