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Preventing workplace slip-and-falls requires careful planning

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2012 | Workplace Safety |

The Colorado workplace can actually be a dangerous place, but employers need to spend some time planning and preventing common on-the-job slip-and-fall accidents. Sadly, some employees in Denver have suffered temporary injuries that force them to take time off of work to recover because their employers don’t have sufficient protocols in place to keep floors and workspaces clean and clear of something that could trip an employee.

It is important that Colorado employers ensure that slippery or wet surfaces are cleaned and dried. Though some employers will put out a sign that indicates a floor may be slippery, employers could use anti-skid and adhesive materials to reduce the chance of a fall. If it is possible to put a mat or a rug down that will reduce the slipperiness of the floor, it could go far to preventing injury.

Employers can also maintain well-lit workspaces that will show any obstructions or objects on the floor. If a room is dark, it will be much harder for an employee to know if something is on the floor that will trip him or her. If something cannot be lit, employers should take care to leave the area relatively obstacle-free.

Unfortunately, sometimes employers don’t do what they can to prevent temporary injuries. When someone is injured on the job, he or she can file for workers’ comp and recover some of his or her lost wages for time spent recovering. Employees should be able to expect that they can go to work and do their jobs without risk of injury.

Source: Coast River Business Journal, “5 tips to prevent slips, trips and falls at work and home,” June 19, 2012


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