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July 2012 Archives

Workers paralyzed with spinal cord injuries may have hope

Some of the worst injuries that an employee in Aurora can receive in a workplace accident are back injuries. Back injuries can be relatively mild, but they can also quickly become permanently disabling because of paralysis and limited mobility. While some injured Colorado workers may have thought that a paralyzing back injury meant adapting to a drastically different way of movement, there has been an advance in medical science that could lead to individuals regaining partial or full movement.

Construction worker severely injured when giant slab falls on him

Workplace safety agencies are investigating a bizarre accident that happened at a state university in order to determine what caused it and if it could have been prevented. This accident exemplifies the serious construction workers' injuries that can happen on unsafe Denver construction sites. If Colorado employers don't work hard to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents, these kinds of tragedies may continue.

Parking garage accident injures two employees

It almost sounds like a piece of fiction, but two men are lucky to be alive after a car fell through an elevator shaft at a parking garage, crushing one of them. Though this shocking story didn't happen in Denver, it serves as a reminder of the kinds of accidents that can happen in the workplace and the importance of the workers' compensation program to protect injured Colorado workers.

Lump-sum injury settlements facilitate return to work

When a Colorado employee is injured, he or she may apply for benefits that cover his or her medical bills and other expenses. For some time, it has been a topic of debate as to whether lump sum injury settlements in workers' compensation expedite or hinder the process of getting back to work after an injury. Some claim that receiving a large sum of money can have a delaying effect because employees feel provided for and attaining income is less urgent.

3 Steps to Preventing Construction Worker Falls

Accidental falls are the most common cause of death among construction workers, both in Colorado and throughout the United States. In 2010, 264 construction workers were killed in falling accidents nationwide, representing approximately 34 percent of all construction accident deaths.

Federal inspection leads to discovery of serious safety violations

The Colorado workers' comp program is designed to help employees who are injured on the job get the money they need to cover medical bills and make up for lost wages. The funds help Denver-area residents recover from serious workplace injuries so that they can get back to their jobs. The workers' compensation program, however, is a response to an incident in an unsafe workplace; the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration serves to ensure that work areas are safe to begin with.

Will your work make you go blind? Only if you use a computer

With computers on nearly every desk in Denver, it is extremely important that Colorado employees are not being injured by their workplaces. With many employees now spending their entire workdays looking at a monitor from as close as a few inches away, there is a real risk that many people in Denver will develop Computer Vision Syndrome. This occupational disease is a combination of eye strain, vision problems and the related symptoms that come with using a computer.

Colorado Fracking Workers Face Silica Exposure Risk

Extraction work is a big part of Colorado's economy. It is important to recognize, though, that people who work in the state's oil and gas fields face a unique risk of injury. Not only do they frequently labor around dangerous heavy machinery, but they are also regularly exposed to hazardous substances that could cause permanent disability or death.

Football players increasingly file traumatic brain injury lawsuits

As the Denver Broncos take the field this fall, many Colorado residents may wonder how the current concussion-related injuries will affect how the NFL chooses to protect its players from head injuries. With an increasing number of former football players suing the NFL over the traumatic brain injuries that they sustained throughout their careers, it is unclear what changes may be on the horizon for the NFL, professional sports and any employer whose employees are at risk of head injuries.

Baskin-Robbins employee pinned when car comes crashing into store

When Colorado employees head to work in the morning, they don't expect that they will be crushed by a car barreling through their workplace. Sadly, these accidents happen in Denver and across the country, sometimes seriously injuring workers.

Random Inspections Proven to Improve Safety at Work

For years, government agencies and safety advocates have touted strict regulations as the best way to promote workplace safety and guard against work accidents. Some employers, however, have balked at the intrusion, arguing that the high cost of compliance is inefficient and damaging to their bottom lines.

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