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Parking garage accident injures two employees

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2012 | Crush Injuries |

It almost sounds like a piece of fiction, but two men are lucky to be alive after a car fell through an elevator shaft at a parking garage, crushing one of them. Though this shocking story didn’t happen in Denver, it serves as a reminder of the kinds of accidents that can happen in the workplace and the importance of the workers’ compensation program to protect injured Colorado workers.

The accident happened earlier this month when a parking attendant was driving a car into a multi-level parking lot’s elevator. What must have been a normal part of the job quickly turned into a dangerous activity when the parking attendant realized that the elevator car was not there. The car and the attendant were on the fifth floor of the parking garage, but it is unclear if the car fell all the way to the ground floor before coming to a stop.

Both the driver of the car and a parking attendant on a lower level were injured in the accident. The other individual seems to have suffered crush injuries after the car and driver fell through the elevator shaft. Firefighters were able to pull the men from the accident and rushed them to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

Just think of the immense amount of medical debt these parking attendants must be accruing after this horrific workplace accident and it is clear how the workers’ compensation program works to safeguard injured Colorado workers. Had this happened in downtown Denver, these employees would be receiving funds from the workers’ compensation fund to cover their medical bills and to compensate them for the money they are losing by missing work. When some kind of accident happens at work, this program will help to prevent an injured employee from going broke while recovering.

Source: MSNBC, “Two injured after car falls down Manhattan garage elevator shaft,” Elizabeth Chuck, July 17, 2012


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