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Will your work make you go blind? Only if you use a computer

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

With computers on nearly every desk in Denver, it is extremely important that Colorado employees are not being injured by their workplaces. With many employees now spending their entire workdays looking at a monitor from as close as a few inches away, there is a real risk that many people in Denver will develop Computer Vision Syndrome. This occupational disease is a combination of eye strain, vision problems and the related symptoms that come with using a computer.

Part of the problem is the constant focused attention to the tiny details on the computer screen and looking at a fixed space with unvarying lighting. Constantly looking at a computer is very different from how human eyes are supposed to operate throughout a day.

The unchanging distance of the computer screen from the employee’s eyes is a source of strain on eye muscles. The constant flexing of an eye muscle to focus an image can impose repetitive stress injuries on the muscles. Some may experience occasional blurred vision as a result, especially when they do not pause to look away from the computer screen.

Another problem is that computer users tend to blink less often than those doing other tasks. In some cases, computer users will only blink four or five times a minute rather than blinking at the normal rate of 12 to 15 blinks a minute. Many Colorado employees are so focused on their work that they even forget to blink. This may cause eyes to dry up, as blinking helps lubricate them.

While it is unlikely that someone will go blind from using his or her computer, it is an important consideration for employees in Denver.

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