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August 2012 Archives

What Are the Biggest Causes of Fatal Workplace Accidents?

To a certain extent, every job poses a risk of injury. While most people might picture a hazardous work site as one that involves lots of toxic chemicals or heavy machinery, even the average cube-dweller is at risk of all sorts of injury including repetitive-stress injuries, back problems, falls and electric shocks.

10,000 construction workers injured in workplace falls

As Denver residents know, construction work comes with certain risks. While the heavy machinery may pose certain dangers, employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are safe and trained on how to properly use the equipment. Just like the machinery, some construction sites are inherently risky, especially ones that are high up. But, as with any workplace safety issue, Denver employers must take care to protect construction workers from deadly or serious falls.

Workplace hazards fail to be found swiftly by federal government

Workers in Denver may want to be aware of their rights when becoming injured on the job, and families should also be aware of the same rights if a member should perish from an injury sustained at work.

Men 65 and older most likely to die on the job

In 2010, 60 people died in Colorado workplace accidents, and while this is down from the previous year, it is still a very high number. When someone is killed at work, his or her family members can often apply for dependency and death benefits to help cover the individual's missing wages. Though a family may not initially be thinking about the money that will no longer be coming into the household after the loss of a loved one, the income is often important and death benefits are crucial to helping a family transition to one less set of wages.

Hearing Loss a Real Hazard on Colorado job sites

Working on a noisy job site can be more than just annoying; it can severely damage your hearing. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hearing loss is the most commonly reported occupational injury among American workers. Each year, approximately 22 million workers in the U.S. are exposed to dangerous noise levels while on the job.

Employee injured when grain elevator explodes, catches fire

Imagine going to work in Greeley when all of a sudden your building explodes with you in it. While it may seem like something out of the movies, this actually happened earlier this week. An employee of Bunge had been working in a grain elevator when it caught on fire and exploded.

Stand-up desks more ergonomic, decrease back pain

There are a number of people in Fort Collins who work, all-day long, at a desk in front of their computers. With more and more jobs relying on people to sit at a desk, there has been some concern about how sitting at a desk will affect an employee's lower back. Luckily, many people who use stand-up or adjustable desks often have less back pain.

Paid sick leave cuts: Do employers save money in the long-run?

A new study of employee sick leave, vacation cuts and workplace injuries has found that employers who cut employee benefit packages in order to compensate for short-term savings are really not saving money in the long-run. With an economy that has businesses of all sizes trying to implement cost-cutting measures, Colorado employees have suffered by having their benefits reduced or eliminated. The report details how cutting paid sick leave makes employees more prone to workplace injuries, which also has been substantiated in prior studies.

Railroad employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome from work

What would you do if you went to work every day thinking that your job was safe, only to find out that it was actually causing a long-lasting and potentially debilitating medical condition? For many in Colorado, their first thought would be to determine what the treatments are and how long he or she would have to spend away from work recovering. The Colorado workers' compensation program can help cover some of those costs and the amount of wages lost during a recovery period.

Horrific workplace accident leads to amputation of arm

Employees in Fort Collins may be appalled to learn of a new workplace accident that has left a 50-year-old man permanently disabled. What makes this story even worse is that his injuries were completely preventable, but, because of someone's tampering, he ended up losing his left arm. It is still somewhat unclear who is responsible for bypassing a safety sensor, but it was that act that caused a paper baler to sever the employee's arm.

Coal Miners Experiencing a Surge in Black Lung Disease

Coal mining is a significant part of Colorado's economy. More than 2,500 Coloradans work as coal miners, and thousands more work in support roles. Unfortunately, many of these workers face serious health risks every time they go on the job.

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