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10,000 construction workers injured in workplace falls

As Denver residents know, construction work comes with certain risks. While the heavy machinery may pose certain dangers, employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are safe and trained on how to properly use the equipment. Just like the machinery, some construction sites are inherently risky, especially ones that are high up. But, as with any workplace safety issue, Denver employers must take care to protect construction workers from deadly or serious falls.

Unfortunately for one employee, he died after he fell eight stories. He had been working on the roof of a hospital building when he fell and died shortly after the tragic accident. Medical experts are still waiting, however, to release the cause of death. In addition to the medical investigation, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration was also looking into the deadly fall. Neither has issued a report on what caused the construction worker to plummet to his death.

The 39-year-old is one of many construction workers who are seriously and sometimes fatally injured in workplace falls. In 2010, there were over 10,000 people who were hurt in falls across the country. Of those 10,000, more than 250 were fatally wounded.

Though the man's company has said that it provides 30 hours of OSHA training, including safety information on preventing falls, it is possible that the man's family will receive death and dependency benefits for this accident.

Had this accident taken place in Colorado, it is likely that the man's family members would get compensation from the Colorado workers' compensation program to help cover the costs of one less income for the family.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Worker dead in fall from Jefferson building," Michael Hinkelman, Aug. 26, 2012

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