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Employee injured when grain elevator explodes, catches fire

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

Imagine going to work in Greeley when all of a sudden your building explodes with you in it. While it may seem like something out of the movies, this actually happened earlier this week. An employee of Bunge had been working in a grain elevator when it caught on fire and exploded.

Luckily, the employee survived this horrific accident, but he was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. It is unknown what kind of injuries the man sustained or when he is expected to be discharged, but for now, he is recovering and racking up considerable medical bills. While he is unable to work, it is likely that he will receive workers’ compensation to help cover the costs associated with this bizarre explosion.

Someone in the grain storage industry has said that grain and grain dust are very combustible. If grain dust were to ignite within a collector, it could potentially be injected back into the elevator by the vent systems. Though it is unknown if this is how this elevator exploded, it is one theory that is being floated around.

If this kind of accident were to happen in Greeley, it would be extremely likely that an injured employee would receive Colorado workers’ compensation funds. Even with an accident like this, it is still beneficial to work with a lawyer when applying for workers’ compensation. A lawyer can help to prepare an application to better that person’s chance of getting accepted. It could also save time, since attorneys can help to gather the evidence necessary to succeed.

Source: The News Star, “Grain elevator explosion injures one at Bunge’s Madison Port facility,” Greg Hilburn, Aug. 13, 2012

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