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Construction worker’s fall raises concerns of safety

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2012 | Construction Injuries |

It is undeniable that working construction comes with a certain degree of risk. Anyone who is at a construction site in Grand Junction knows how important it is to wear safety helmets or to watch where they are walking, but sometimes accidents happen. Whether it is the construction worker’s fault or that of the employer, injured employees can often apply for and receive workers’ compensation for their medical bills and the time they are recovering from an injury.

After a recent 15-foot fall, a construction worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Though it happened out of state, this kind of accident could easily have happened at a Colorado construction site. The 36-year-old employee fell 15 feet after he slipped while installing a steel beam.

This has not been the first employee injured at this construction site, either. In June, another construction worker was impaled after he fell onto a piece of metal. Though he was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, he survived his fall. Again, in July someone was crushed by an iron beam that fell on him.

The 36-year-old who was injured in this accident was taken to the hospital with a suspected head injury. There is also a concern that he broke both of his arms in the accident.

Regardless of the risks that come with working construction, employees need to know that they will receive some sort of compensation if they are injured in a fall. Employers are expected to look after their employee’s safety and it is essential that, if they fail, the worker will be well looked after.

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