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Try yoga stretches for mild work-related back pain

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2012 | Back & Neck Injuries |

Many Colorado workers sit at their desks all day, while others stand on their feet. Yoga stretches may provide relief from mild work-related lower back pain. If your pain is more severe, you may need to apply for workers’ compensation to cover the cost of your medical care and your wages as you recover.

If you practice the following yoga stretches for five minutes, twice each day, you may feel better.

Hamstrings: While lying on your back, bend your legs, pointing your knees at the ceiling and keeping your feet hip width apart on the floor. Maintaining a connection between your hips and back and the floor, raise your right leg up, as straight as possible. Then place your hands behind your right knee, ankle or foot. Pull your leg slightly toward you, and feel your hamstring stretch. Hold this stretch while you breathe in and out five to 10 times. Repeat with your left leg.

Hip flexors: Lay down on your back. Bend your knees upwards, so that you can reach your heels with your fingertips. Keep your feet hip width apart. While looking up, lengthen your lower back by slightly rolling your tailbone under. Raise your hips off the ground but lead with your knees. Then, lock your hands together under your back. Shift your weight from one side to the next. As you do this, roll your shoulders under your body to open up your chest. Breathe in and out, five to 10 times, while holding this stretch.

Spine: To begin your stretch, extend your arms out, perpendicular to your body. Face your palms up. Bring both of your knees towards your chest. Then lower them towards your right side. Use a block under your knees for extra support if you cannot bring your knees down to the floor. Bring your gaze to the opposite side of your body. Hold this pose as you breathe slowly in and out 10 times. Then repeat this stretch on your left side.

Though these exercises may help people with some lower-back pain, there are many people for whom these exercises will not be enough. For them, it is important to talk to a doctor and apply for workers’ compensation.

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