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October 2012 Archives

Government, health care and safety jobs are the most dangerous

When we think about what jobs are dangerous and which ones aren't, not many people in Denver would think that government jobs could leave them sick, injured or otherwise unable to work. After all, isn't it the government that is responsible for documenting workplace safety violations?

Grain silos and the danger they pose to Colorado farmers

When many people think about dangerous jobs, they may not think of the people who work inside of grain silos. Tragically, however, these grain storage bins can be some of the deadliest "offices" in Colorado or across the United States. What is even worse, however, is that many of the 80 employees who have died in silo accidents since 2007 were teenage boys. A leading expert on grain storage accidents has documented over 800 critical silo accidents since 1970, but he also believes that the actual number of accidents might be much greater, as many entrapments are not reported.

Concussion recovery time may be too brief and too risky in NFL

Football is a rough sport. Typical injuries to shoulders, knees or ankles are ones players are often hit with the most. Once they incur these injuries, players seem to shake it off and get back in the game as soon as possible. However, players concussed on the field and quickly returning to play may be taking too great a risk.

Factory worker critically injured in coal-plant explosion

Coal is a highly combustible material and anyone in Colorado who works with coal or at a coal-burning power plant knows just how dangerous the stuff can be. Just because an employee has to deal with potentially dangerous materials all day long does not mean, however, that it is acceptable for employers to be anything short of vigilant in regard to employee safety. Sadly, accidents do happen, however, and when they do, injured Colorado employees are entitled to medical benefits to help with recovery.

Drunk drivers seriously injures construction worker

There are reasons why most Denver employees' parents once told them not to play in the street: the more time in the street, the higher a chance of a serious accident. Some jobs in Colorado, however, require that the employees are in the street. Street construction can be a dangerous job, especially when the city or state hasn't shut down the street that is being repaired. Even when this is the case, however, construction workers should be protected from cars, trucks and other motor vehicles as they do their jobs.

Workplace fatalities are down but maybe not for long

The good news is the number of workplace fatalities is down. The bad news? The numbers are likely to rise. The number of deaths in the workplace is down 1.7 percent in the last two years, down 22 percent in just over a decade. These decreases are credited to efforts by employers, industry organizations and employees to increase safe practices in the workplace. Further, regulations regarding workplace safety have been clarified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the organization charged with workplace safety.

Two construction workers fall at site, employer repeat offender

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for ensuring that employers follow federal rules regarding workplace safety. While OSHA evaluations and site visits are crucial for making employers create safe work sites, there are still numerous employee injuries in Denver each year. Whether an employer has never had a problem with OSHA or whether it is a repeat offender, an employee is generally able to apply for workers' compensation in Colorado following a construction-site accident.

Industrial employee dies in freak workplace accident

Some workplace accidents end in minor injuries that require a bandage and nothing more. Others may require a short break, but an employee is ready and able to return to work after that moment of rest. There are other accidents in Denver, however, that end with a worker's death. An on-the-job death is not only tragic because of the loss of a life, but it is also extremely difficult on the family that depended on that employee's wage and benefits.

Combating iPad shoulder and other tablet injuries

As technology advances and continues to produce smaller devices, individuals throughout Colorado and the United States are seeing an emergence of new health problems resulting from their long-term use. If these problems are caused by ergonomic issues at work, employees may be able to receive workers' compensation. Terms like "iPad shoulder", "iPad neck," and "Blackberry thumb," have even been coined to refer to repetitive stress injuries caused by tablet use.

Insomnia is responsible for nearly 275,000 accidents each year

It is likely that most people in Colorado have had trouble falling asleep before. Whether it was because of anxiety, stress or some other physical or psychological reason, it is not uncommon for us to experience a night or two of restless or no sleep. For individuals with insomnia, however, it may be much worse, preventing or making it difficult to sleep on a regular basis.

Colorado employees with back, neck pain may try acupuncture

The modern Denver office is quite different from years past. With our dependence on electronics and computers, a new crop of workplace injuries are showing up that our parents and grandparents never saw. One such problem is severe neck pain caused by a workplace that is not ergonomically designed. For some employees, the neck pain may start off as minor twinges, but it could easily turn into something that prevents them from working altogether. A new study, however, shows that acupuncture may be one way to overcome disabling neck pain.

Restoration workers injured after fall at sewage plant

Many job duties put the health and well-being of Denver employees on the line every day. One mistake could lead to serious injury or even death. It is very possible that employees could be injured like two restoration workers had been in a recent on-the-job fall

Colorado Prison Worker Killed in Inmate Attack

Nearly all professions carry some risk of injury. However, some Colorado workers are at greater risk of getting injured or killed at work than others. In some cases, the risk stems from exposure to hazardous chemicals or heavy machinery. In others, though, the danger is directly attributable to the population the worker is serving.

Highway construction worker crushed by paving machine

Whenever Denver construction workers are working near heavy machinery, there is the possibility that they will become injured. Most jobs, however, have considerable safety equipment and procedures in place so as to prevent these types of injuries. But, on occasion, a Colorado construction worker will be seriously injured when something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, injured employees can apply for workers' compensation.

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