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November 2012 Archives

Theme park employee injured while cleaning roller-coaster ride

If you work at Elitch Gardens Theme Park you know how dangerous a roller coaster can be. There are a myriad of things that can cause a rider to become injured, and that is why it is so important for well-trained employees to protect the people coming to use the park. Of course, there are also considerable dangers to the staff, too.

Trucking regulations may help protect drivers from serious injury

It is a concept that some people in Colorado may not have considered, but when a truck driver is injured while driving his or her truck, he or she is likely able to apply for workers' compensation. Many of the federal regulations surrounding trucking are meant to create safer working conditions and safer drivers, both of which would limit their risk of crashing. A new set of regulations that is set to go into effect in May 2014 will help protect drivers even more.

Truck driver involved in fatal train accident

Under Colorado workers' compensation law, workers are entitled to collect benefits for workplace injuries as a result of accidents that occur on the job, but the question often arises -- was the victim actually at work when the accident occurred?

Oil rig explosion kills one, burns four, one remains missing

It's a fact of life that many people earn their livelihoods by working in dangerous industries such as on oil rigs. Generally speaking, the pay these workers earn takes into account the dangerous nature of their employment and the possibility of a workplace accident.

Construction worker sustains traumatic brain injury in accident

on a university building and was on a scaffolding bridge when he fell approximately 70 feet. While he has had the past couple years to recover, he is still plagued by frequent headaches and dizziness. The traumatic brain injury that he sustained has likely interfered with his ability to work and it is unclear as to whether he has been able to hold down a job since that terrifying fall.

The basics on carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms

An increasing number of people Colorado Springs are working in an office and in front of a computer. Though the jobs may be physically less demanding, new repetitive stress injuries are emerging from the activities office workers do perform: typing. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of occupational disease and, without treatment, could make it very difficult to continue working, making an employee eligible for workers' compensation.

Man suffers injury while cleaning a church statue

Here in Colorado, workers' compensation is a no-fault system that provides benefits to those who are injured on the job regardless of who caused the injury. However, workers' compensation benefits are not always available to all workers, and this is often the case with volunteer or temporary workers, for example. Nonetheless, injured workers should always seek legal counsel as it is often possible to obtain some form of compensation to treat injuries and compensate for time off of work.

Workers exposed to pesticide have higher risk of Parkinson's

Even though Denver is a bustling city, parts of Colorado are still quite agricultural and that means that there are numerous people who work with pesticides nearly every day. Though pesticides are considered nontoxic, there is new evidence that links pesticide exposure to a higher risk of developing Parkinson's disease. This could lead to long-term health issues for anyone in the agricultural industry.

Back pain treatments being questioned

Chronic back pain is a serious problem and is, unfortunately, extremely painful. For many, back pain is caused by a workplace accident or just the stresses a job will put on the back. For some, back pain can be relatively mild, but for others it is enough to put them out of work and forcing them to apply for Colorado workers' compensation.

No evidence chiropractic services help long-term back pain

It is extremely common for Aurora workers to leave work with some kind of back pain. Whether they are sitting at desks all day or doing something far more active, back pain seems like a ubiquitous part of most jobs. Of course, some back pain is so severe that employees are unable to work. In other situations, the pain is merely an indication of a far more serious back injury. When jobs cause these kinds of severe back pain, Colorado employees may be looking for workers' compensation benefits.

Chain-reaction car accident injures worker at construction site

Individuals in Denver expect that cars will not drive into their places of employment, causing serious injuries, in part because it seems highly unlikely for a car to drive through a building. Some Denver employees, however, do not work inside of buildings, but outside or on the road. Construction workers are often exposed and cannot even keep an eye on traffic because they need to pay attention to the machines and construction equipment that could also cause serious injuries. They expect that their employers will put up sufficient barriers and traffic signals to keep them safe, but that doesn't always prevent construction-site injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is preventable at most job sites

Although many employers try to ensure that workplaces are safe for all employees, accidents and injuries do occur and can cause severe pain and suffering for workers. Stress injuries are some of the most common in the workplace, with carpal tunnel syndrome plaguing a large percentage of workers that constantly use computer keyboards or do repetitive hand tasks in their jobs.

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