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Chain-reaction car accident injures worker at construction site

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

Individuals in Denver expect that cars will not drive into their places of employment, causing serious injuries, in part because it seems highly unlikely for a car to drive through a building. Some Denver employees, however, do not work inside of buildings, but outside or on the road. Construction workers are often exposed and cannot even keep an eye on traffic because they need to pay attention to the machines and construction equipment that could also cause serious injuries. They expect that their employers will put up sufficient barriers and traffic signals to keep them safe, but that doesn’t always prevent construction-site injuries.

Even if it is not the employer’s fault that one of their employees was injured in a construction-site accident, the employee can still access the Colorado workers’ compensation program. As a no-fault workers’ injury system, anyone who is injured on the job can work with an attorney to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

This means that if a recent construction-site accident had happened in Colorado, the injured worker would likely be filing for workers’ compensation as he or she recovered in the hospital. The accident happened as the construction worker was working along the side of a state highway. Parked near the construction site was a police vehicle, a cruiser that was hit by another driver. The collision shoved the cruiser forward and into the construction worker.

The individual was rushed to the hospital, but it is unknown what his or her medical condition is. Again, had this accident happened in Colorado, it is highly likely that the injured construction worker would have had a good chance of collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: South Coast Today, “Construction worker injured when cruiser struck on Route 140 in Lakeville,” Oct. 10, 2012

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