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No evidence chiropractic services help long-term back pain

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

It is extremely common for Aurora workers to leave work with some kind of back pain. Whether they are sitting at desks all day or doing something far more active, back pain seems like a ubiquitous part of most jobs. Of course, some back pain is so severe that employees are unable to work. In other situations, the pain is merely an indication of a far more serious back injury. When jobs cause these kinds of severe back pain, Colorado employees may be looking for workers’ compensation benefits.

While many people may recommend spinal manipulation and chiropractic services for those living with back pain, the Cochrane Collaboration has recently released data that show chiropractors have no more positive an effect on medium- and long-term back pain than any other method of relieving back pain. It is true that spinal manipulation is an important way to reduce back pain in the short term, it is rarely a cure.

Some chiropractors insist that spinal manipulation, in conjunction with massage and acupuncture are effective ways to manage pain. Though this is true, these techniques are not for everyone. For some people, their workplace injuries are so severe that they are unable to work through the pain and nothing they do will make the pain manageable. For these people, it may be best to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer to apply for benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits may be the only income that these injured employees can earn, making it that much more valuable to those living with extreme back pain.

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