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Trucking regulations may help protect drivers from serious injury

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

It is a concept that some people in Colorado may not have considered, but when a truck driver is injured while driving his or her truck, he or she is likely able to apply for workers’ compensation. Many of the federal regulations surrounding trucking are meant to create safer working conditions and safer drivers, both of which would limit their risk of crashing. A new set of regulations that is set to go into effect in May 2014 will help protect drivers even more.

These new regulations will ensure that the doctors who perform medical physicals for truckers have had the proper training and certification to clear drivers for work. Every two years, anyone with a commercial driver’s license must have a physical to keep his or her license, but there is little oversight of who can perform the physicals. It is even possible for chiropractors to medically clear drivers.

The new regulations, however, will require doctors to learn about the specific medical conditions that could cause an accident or otherwise be a problem for commercial drivers. They will also need to pass a test before they are qualified to clear drivers for work.

It is important that commercial drivers have the protection they need to safely perform their jobs. When their workplace conditions aren’t safe, not only are the drivers at risk for serious injuries that will keep them out of work, but they may also injure other motorists on the road. These new regulations should help to keep both drivers and motorists safe.

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