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December 2012 Archives

Colorado workers' compensation: bullying in the workplace

In recent years the media has focused its sights on exposing student bullying, advocating for action and awareness towards a major safety concern for America's children. But bullying does not only exist in the confines of the classroom. So why does the discussion tend to stop there?

Domestic work conditions can lead to serious injuries

A national study has recently shown that being a domestic worker certainly comes with risks, and very little pay. Domestic workers, who include caregivers, nannies and housekeepers, do not work standard hours. They work based on the needs of their clients, which can often affect their sleeping patterns.

Reducing hazardous conditions may lessen medical office accidents

Even Denver physicians and other medical professionals may be the victim of hazardous workplace conditions, despite the fact that they are likely more aware of how to prevent injuries. Medical offices throughout Colorado are often just as dangerous as many other office workplaces. Like any office, there is the risk of serious injury, which could quickly lead to a workers' compensation award.

Stressful job causes heart attack, leads to workman's comp

It is likely that many people in Denver believe their jobs to be stressful, but when can stress alone lead to a successful workers' compensation claim? First, that stress would have to cause some kind of injury, illness or medical condition and then comes the difficult job of convincing officials with Colorado workers' compensation program that it was actually work-related stress that led to the injury. Both can be difficult to prove and that is one reason why consulting a workers' compensation attorney is so important following an injury.

Automotive worker suffers fatal injuries in workplace accident

For anyone in Colorado who receives the horrible call that something has happened to a loved one at work, they understand that fatal workplace injuries can cause major upheaval in the lives of the surviving spouse and children. From the grief of losing a family member to funeral and burial costs to adjusting to one less income, families have a lot to worry about. Consulting a workers' compensation death benefits attorney, however, can help families get access to the money they will need to move forward.

Colorado officer rushed to hospital after firework explosion

It is an injury that not many people in Colorado would associate with workers' compensation, but a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer was injured last month by an exploding firework. The laws surrounding workers' compensation for public employees and employees of extremely high-risk jobs, such as police officers, are often different than those from much tamer jobs. Because the differences can be fairly minute, it is important to work with a workers' compensation attorney who is experienced with all types of clients.

Two killed in Highlands Ranch construction wreck

Two construction workers were killed during a tragic accident along Colorado State Highway 470 late last month. The accident happened when an elderly driver drove off the side of the road, striking the two men who had been working on a road expansion project. In the aftermath of the accident, it is unlikely that the families of the men who died in the work-related accident are thinking about money, but they may want to consult a workers' compensation attorney to apply for death and dependency benefits.

Loss costs increase in 2013 despite claims of safer workplaces

We have talked almost exclusively in this blog about the various accidents, illnesses and injuries that can lead to a workers' compensation claim in Colorado, but we haven't said much about the workers' compensation system itself. Where do the funds for workers' compensation come from? What incentive do employers have to make their offices and work sites safer?

Ski instructor dies in skiing accident

With its numerous ski resorts, there will be many people on the slopes this season in Colorado. Just as people come from across the state, country and world to ski in the Rockies, there will be a similarly large number of native Coloradoans working in and around ski resorts. Though their jobs may seem like a lot of fun, they may also be quite dangerous. When someone is killed while working at a Colorado ski resort, his or her family members are eligible for death and dependency benefits as part of the workers' compensation program.

Bridge worker sustained possible neck injuries after 30-foot fall

Colorado employees should be able to have an expectation of safety in the workplace, ending each work day by being able to go home uninjured. Yet accidents do occur on the job, and are sometimes the result of employers not taking proper measures to ensure employee safety. When workplace accidents do occur in the Colorado, this should be an indication that more safety measures need to be put into place to provide further protection for workers on the job.

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