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Colorado workers’ compensation: bullying in the workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

In recent years the media has focused its sights on exposing student bullying, advocating for action and awareness towards a major safety concern for America’s children. But bullying does not only exist in the confines of the classroom. So why does the discussion tend to stop there?

Bullying can occur in many forms in a variety of different environments. Although most of the focus on bully prevention has been set on harassment in schools the truth is bullying behaviors do not necessarily decline dramatically at a certain age. Workplace bullying can be just as common and just as much of a prevalent issue. Studies have shown an increase in work related bully or harassment claims over recent years. However, these studies are not considering this a bullying increase but more an increase of reporting due to increased awareness.

The conversation is beginning to take shape but bullying isn’t the only word being used. Phrases like “personality conflict”, “vexatious misconduct”, “harassment” and “hazing” have come up in many workers’ compensation claims across the country. No matter what it’s being called workplace bullying can often be associated with stress or mental injuries that can hinder the ability to productively work and extreme situations have even seen victims sustain physical injuries as the result of workplace violence.

Those who feel bullied, harassed, or otherwise mistreated in the workplace may be entailed to compensation for their hardship. Contacting an employment attorney for consultation may aid in evaluating legal opinions in the event of a work related incident or concern.

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