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Ski instructor dies in skiing accident

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2012 | Death Benefits |

With its numerous ski resorts, there will be many people on the slopes this season in Colorado. Just as people come from across the state, country and world to ski in the Rockies, there will be a similarly large number of native Coloradoans working in and around ski resorts. Though their jobs may seem like a lot of fun, they may also be quite dangerous. When someone is killed while working at a Colorado ski resort, his or her family members are eligible for death and dependency benefits as part of the workers’ compensation program.

Though it did not happen in Colorado, it is a story that easily could have. A 24-year-old children’s ski instructor was killed in a horrific skiing accident. The young woman had been out in the less-traveled part of the resort when it appears she injured her neck and head. It is not entirely clear what caused the injuries, however.

The woman was taken to a hospital, but, sadly she died approximately three days after her accident.

The resort was not open at the time of the crash and it is unknown if she had been working when she sustained her fatal injuries. Had she been, it would be quite clear that she would be eligible for death and dependency benefits. Going into this season, we can only hope that this same kind of accident does not befall a Colorado ski resort employee. Fortunately, there are some protections for the families left behind and dependent on the employee’s income through state workers’ compensation funds.

Source: The Republic, “Alpine Meadows ski resort worker dies from injuries in weekend backcountry Tahoe ski accident,” Nov. 15, 2012

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