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Construction crane topples, crushing, injuring 7 workers

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

It is not unusual to see large cranes dotting the Denver cityscape, but how safe are they? If a crane were to fall, what kind of damage could that do to the construction workers below? While Colorado construction companies do a lot to protect their employees, such an accident could easily cause serious or fatal injuries.

Fortunately for seven construction workers who were involved in a recent crane collapse, they are expected to survive their injuries. The seven individuals were part of a 70-person construction operation when the 20-year-old crane fell. They had been working on an apartment high-rise.

Apparently, the crane’s owner is no stranger to serious crane accidents. The owner had been criminally charged with negligent homicide when one of his cranes, the same kind of the crane as the one in this recent collapse crumpled and killed two construction workers. Federal officials investigated the 2008 accident and determined that the hoist wire on the crane was worn and weak, which caused it to break, collapsing the crane.

It is still unknown if the same thing happened in this recent crane collapse.

The subcontractors at the worksite appear to have been doing everything right in the moments leading up to the crane collapse, but even if they had been partially responsible for the accident, it is likely that the injured construction workers would still be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are often vital to injured construction workers who are otherwise out of work while recovering from horrific injuries.

Source: The New York Daily News, “Seven construction workers hurt after crane collapses onto Long Island City, Queens work site,” Joe Kemp and Greg B. Smith, Jan. 9, 2013


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