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Explosion causes crush injuries for welder, saved by colleague

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2013 | Crush Injuries |

If you ask many people in Colorado whether they’d prefer to work alone or with their coworkers, many may choose the solitude, especially those that work in a crowded office. While it is certainly nice to have some peace and quiet in the workplace, there are benefits to having colleagues present. One welder may not have survived an explosion and some crush injuries if he hadn’t had a coworker, making him glad that there was someone else at the excavation business that day.

As the injured welder recovers, he is missing work and, had the accident happened in Denver, he would be eligible for Colorado lost wage benefits. He sustained serious crush injuries, including a head wound, cracked ribs, a bruised lung and a broken hand. Moreover, he had blood on the brain, which can pose a very dangerous risk to an employee’s health and safety. Though he was discharged from the hospital after a four-day stay, it is unlikely that he has yet returned to work.

The accident happened shortly after the man turned his welder off. There was a large explosion inside the building and considerable flames. As the structure weakened, a wall fell on the welder, injuring him. Fortunately, however, his coworker did not abandon him. Instead, he tracked the welder down and used his own body to protect the welder until emergency responders arrived on the scene. Those were the only two men in the building at the time of the accident.

It is still unclear as to what caused the massive explosion, but had this accident happened in Colorado, it is extremely likely that the welder would receive workers’ compensation benefits for his crush injuries.

Source: ABC 27 WHTM, “Employee injured in explosion thanks co-worker,” Alexandria Hoff, Feb. 15, 2013


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