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Sports-related head injuries a real risk to Denver Broncos

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2013 | Head & Brain Injuries |

Severe head injuries due to playing sports are one of the most talked about topics in the athletic world — especially in the sport of professional football.

As members of the Denver Broncos continue to practice and play against other teams, they are constantly putting themselves at risk for severe head injuries due to head trauma and concussions. Although all football players are aware the sport is extremely physical, such brain injuries were not expected.

One former NFL player is suing the league because he is suffering from frequent mood swings, pain and other bodily symptoms following his fifth concussion, which he sustained during a practice at training camp. Following the concussion, he has never played again.

To date, about 4,000 former players have filed lawsuits with the NFL following serious on-the-job head injuries.

A group of former players are filing suits to gain additional workers’ compensation for their injuries. It remains to be seen whether any Denver athletes will be successful in their attempt to get workers’ compensation for their severe head trauma.

Now the league has promised to give the National Institute of Health $30 million for research on head injuries. So far, the NFL said it has made changes to their regulations in hopes to decrease the number of concussions suffered by the players.

Moving forward, there may be even more players in Denver and across the country filing suit for workers’ compensation due to on-the-field concussions. As with any profession, professional football players should be able to do their work without threat of serious, life-altering injuries.

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