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March 2013 Archives

Workers injured on the job accused of workers' comp fraud

Nearly everyone here in Colorado knows how important workers' compensation benefits can be to a person who is injured on the job. With mounting medical bills and being unable to work at the same time, this perfect storm of problems can lead to incredibly problematic situations without these benefits.

Texting while driving can cause serious accidents

Many people in Aurora likely know just how dangerous texting while driving can be. In fact, a new survey released by AT&T notes that 98 percent of adults realize that texting and driving, and distracting driving in general, is very risky behavior. While they may know this, it does not stop many drivers from doing it, but the accidents these distracted drivers may cause could force some professional drivers to file for workers' comp.

Workplace safety also includes bank, credit union employee safety

This blog has covered many of the different aspects of workplace safety, but nearly all of the posts are on the safety concerns that come with construction, manufacturing or office work. Another aspect of workplace safety also includes keeping employees of banks and credit unions safe from robbers and other violence.

Hitting the slopes runs risk of hitting a tree

According to Johns Hopkins Hospital, an estimated 600,000 people are injured nationally as a result of skiing or snowboarding. But because ski resorts here in Colorado have little oversight from federal and state governments and aren't required to release deaths and injuries to the public, the total number in Colorado is relatively unknown.

Smoke inhalation leaves warehouse employee hospitalized

Not every workplace accident that ends with an individual receiving workers' compensation benefits requires injuries so severe that the employee is permanently disabled or requires months of intensive medical care. It is possible to receive workers' compensation benefits to cover lost wages, even if those lost wages are for only a few days of work.

Construction collapse leaves worker seriously injured

In what can only be described as a freak accident, one construction worker is recovering in the hospital after being airlifted from his work site. As of yet, the accident is still under investigation and there are very few details available, but it appears that the house the construction worker was building collapsed on top of him, crushing him.

Store employee suffers head wound during violent protests

Some of the workplace accidents that happen in and around Denver can be planned for and prevented. Some of them, however, are completely out of the ordinary. The accidents, some of which can lead to serious injuries or death, could never have been foreseen, but just because an accident or injury can't be predicted doesn't mean that it won't be compensated for under the Colorado workers' compensation program.

Construction worker partially severs hand, rushed to hospital

When a construction worker is in injured in Grand Junction, it is likely that the last thing on his or her mind is whether he or she will be eligible for workers' compensation. While construction injuries will generally lead to Colorado workers' comp benefits, a wounded employee's first thoughts are about getting better. After he or she is seen by a doctor and some of the adrenaline wears off, worrying about money and lost wages may be more common.

Colorado employers must display workplace injuries for the year

It is not enough for businesses in the Denver area to just report any workplace accidents that cause injury, illness or death; the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration also requires that the nearly every employer also display all of the job-related injuries in an easily accessible location within the workplace. Colorado employers have until April 30 to comply with the requirement.

Tree crushes man, causes fatal injuries at remote work site

Not every job in Greeley is in the city or even easily accessible if an accident were to happen. While this can be dangerous, it would only make sense that those employees who don't have ready access to emergency services would be well trained and prepared for an emergency if it were to arise. Even with the best planning and training, however, accidents can and do happen, some of which are fatal.

Federal government tries to regulate combustible dust at work

For some Colorado residents, one of the most dangerous things about work could be dust. This dust is highly combustible and could cause serious damage to a workplace and, worse, could seriously injure or kill employees. It may be impossible to completely eliminate the threat in certain industries, but it is an employer's responsibility to work with its employees on how to safely operate in such a high-risk field.

School employee injured in district-sponsored gun training

Many people in Denver are still coming to terms with the traumatic and frightening shooting that took so many children's lives at Sandyhook Elementary, and this has renewed a long-running debate on gun ownership, restrictions and whether guns should be carried by teachers. There are some people who believe that if teachers and other school staff are properly trained and armed, they may be able to vastly reduce the number of fatalities in future school shootings.

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