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Store employee suffers head wound during violent protests

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2013 | Head & Brain Injuries |

Some of the workplace accidents that happen in and around Denver can be planned for and prevented. Some of them, however, are completely out of the ordinary. The accidents, some of which can lead to serious injuries or death, could never have been foreseen, but just because an accident or injury can’t be predicted doesn’t mean that it won’t be compensated for under the Colorado workers’ compensation program.

It was one of those unpredictable accidents that injured an employee at a drug store recently. He or she had been working at a Rite Aid when all of a sudden a crowd from a protest rushed into the store. It is not entirely clear how the employee sustained a head injury, but he or she was taken to the hospital with a serious cut. Although the protestors had previously been throwing bottles and rocks, it is unknown if they had thrown a bottle or a rock at the drug store employee or if the accident happened in some other manner.

While the employee was taken to the hospital, he or she is expected to recover. It is unknown, however, if the injury will require some time off or if he or she will resume work immediately.

Had this been an injury to a Colorado employee, it is likely that any medical bills or lost wages would be covered under the Colorado workers’ compensation program. Although most of the head and brain injuries that the program deals with are caused by employers’ failures to create safe workplaces, individuals who are injured in freak accidents are also able to apply.

Source: CBS New York, “Bottles Hurled, Drug Store Worker Injured In Disturbance Stemming From Brooklyn Police Shooting,” March 11, 2013


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