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Texting while driving can cause serious accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2013 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Safety |

Many people in Aurora likely know just how dangerous texting while driving can be. In fact, a new survey released by AT&T notes that 98 percent of adults realize that texting and driving, and distracting driving in general, is very risky behavior. While they may know this, it does not stop many drivers from doing it, but the accidents these distracted drivers may cause could force some professional drivers to file for workers’ comp.

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to anyone who is injured on the job. It is true that most of the people who receive work injury benefits are in an office or in a stationary work environment, but that does not mean that there aren’t truck drivers, delivery people and other employees whose jobs require some kind of driving and that could also be eligible for workers’ comp benefits after an accident. When an accident is caused by a distracted driver, it may be the perfect opportunity to file for benefits.

With more than 1,060 people injured a day from distracted driving on average, a large portion of those drivers could have been at work, too. Within Colorado, it is highly likely that there are individuals who apply for workers’ comp after a serious accident caused by a driver who was texting behind the wheel.

Many states are trying to curb or end texting while driving, but until that time comes, there are likely to be employees injured by a distracted driver. Working with a workman’s compensation lawyer is just one way to demonstrate everything necessary for a successful application.

Source: USA Today, “Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens,” Larry Copeland, March 28, 2013

If you would like to know more about texting while driving, please visit the source above. If you want to know more about how to file for worker’s comp following a car accident, however, please stop by our website.


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